HSH Princess Angelika Ewa Jarosławska Sapieha and HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent

This week in London I was privileged to have an inspiring conversation with HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent about my current culture and humanitarian activities.

His Royal Highness is a chairman of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, a leading charity for RAF ex-servicemen. As a founder and president of the Foundation for the Remembrance of Polish Fighting Pilots in Poland and Abroad, for many years I’m active to restore the memory of Polish pilots fighting in the Battle of Britain and all the Polish crew who served in the RAF.

Those young pilots were fighting not only for Poland or Great Britain, no even just for Europe. They were fighting for the whole world, as Nazism was spreading very quickly, and brought a death toll. A story the 303 Squadron is a story about persistence, bravery, and standing for what is right.

I have a vivid memory of the time when His Royal Highness opened an exhibition celebrating Polish airmen in the Battle of Britain.

– Princess Angelika Ewa Jarosławska Sapieha