I have the greatest respect and appreciation for handicraft products, and arts and crafts.

I have the greatest respect and appreciation for handicraft products, and arts and crafts.
That is why I created my handcraft brand Royal Militare, where every piece is unique, done from exquisite fabric or the best precious ores and stones, and after long preparations – finally sewn by great modistes in Poland and France. Each of them was designed by me as a result of my passion for art and history. Each of them is personal and intimate.

Life is an art, everything that we do and every choice is an art.
You can choose the art of beauty and consciousness no matter what is your life position, because “elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress”.

In a world overflowing with fast instant fashion, I choose the opposite direction.
Fashion in which each piece is custom-made, long-lasting, and valued.
When we choose a sustainable, ethical fashion, we choose respect for the people who offer us unique value and experience.
We choose respect for ourselves when rather than going with the flow and contributing to the global lands, fulfilled as long as the horizon – with unwanted, one-season clothes.

I traveled to most of the places around the world, also those rarely visited by tourists, and encircled the globe many times per year.
Gratitude and respect for cultures, heritage, art, and handicraft – that is what fulfilled me after all these discoveries.

In many of these places, I found incredible inspiration. Hand-knotted materials, hand-made embroidery, and scarves that take 2 months to prepare by everyday hand work- they all have a history of the people who stay behind them, their personal artistic sensitivity, artistic workshop, often learned from generation to generation, heritage, and culture in which they were raised.

On the picture: Royal Miltare jacket and gloves