On 31th of October 2021, a year ago we send humanitarian aid to Ukraine

My heartfelt congratulations to all the participants of the Invictus Games!
All the servicemen and servicewomen who participated in the Invictus Games were the winners.
Soon the world will celebrate the International Day of Peace.
It is a day when we pay our tribute to all the Peacekeepers around the globe, who fearlessly serve those in need, especially those in conflict zones.
Invictus Games is the symbol of victory over our emotional and physical limits.
It’s a symbol of the victory of spirit and the power of will for all those around the globe who struggle with disabilities.

The Invictus Games Foundation offers a recovery pathway for international wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women (WIS). They collaborate to provide opportunities for post-traumatic growth: enabling those involved to reclaim their purpose, identity, and future, beyond injury.