Young Change Makers – Future Moral Leaders with the Global Goals Spirit

The Educational Ukrainian Hub in Bucharest due to the war in Ukraine has developed a Project In Bucharest organized by Ukrainian women who are members of the Geopolitical Alliance of Women in broad partnership with other organisations from Romania.

The Hub was visited by the First Lady of the United States of America and the First Lady of Romania. Together with “Young Change Makers” – the book series about peace, culture, humanitarian work, and global educational platform by International Peace Ambassador Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha, and in partnership with the International History Olympiad – the largest academic competition for global students to call on all women leaders to open dialogue about moral education and equitable access to education for young leaders, the equal partnership of girls and boys – for the future with responsible leaders, without wars and suffering.

The biggest landmine threat since World War II, a minefield of 250,000 square kilometers, is in Ukraine, making it “the largest minefield in the world.”

What tools, and models of modern education and upbringing will help young people become those leaders who will ensure peace and security in the global world in the future?

What can we women and men do today to empower these future leaders?


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