Jerzy Główczewski – the last Polish fighter pilot who fought in 308 Squadron

Jerzy Główczewski, pilot of 308 Squadron and architect of post-war Warsaw. After the war, as an architect, he worked in a team that rebuilt the most valuable architectural monuments in Warsaw. Soldier of the Independent Carpathian Brigade, and later a pilot of the No. 308 (City of Kraków) Fighter Squadron. After the war, he finished studies at the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology. He worked, i. a., on rebuilding Warsaw. In the early 1960s, he became a lecturer at North Carolina State University. In 1964 he went to Aswan, were he was entrusted with the reconstruction and modernization of this ancient city. He worked in the USA and various Arab countries until retirement. He lives in New York. He is the author of memoirs: Accidental Soldier, Optimist After All and The Last Fighter Pilot. He could bestow a few people on his rich life story. Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha had the great honor and privilege of meeting Jerzy Główczewski in his apartment in New York.

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