Meeting of the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Princess Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha.

When Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg addresses UN General Assembly in 2012 referring to the situation in Syria, he said: “To ensure durable peace, one must tackle the root causes of conflicts. Among these root causes, Luxembourg is concentrating specifically on two of them: social inequality resulting from persistent poverty and the increasing scarcity of natural resources, resulting from climate change”That’s it precisely.It is a 2019 and big players are still fighting or arguing over influences, land, oil and other natural resources. 21st-century selfishness. The world can’t keep shutting its eyes to the disaster in Syria. The situation is complex, with a wide range of players holding conflicting interests.But what is going on in the shadow of a big international game of ambitious men? In Syria, most international aid groups said this week that the violence and insecurity had forced them to suspend humanitarian operations and evacuate foreign staff. The bombing and shelling also led hospitals to close and left areas without access to clean drinking water…

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