One of my greatest love forever - aviation

One of my greatest love forever – aviation 💙💙💙
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Here are some interesting facts about Palm Jumeirah in Dubai:

It’s the World’s largest man-made island.
It covers 5.72 sq. km. an area that is equal to 600 football pitches.

It’s not technically an island – An island is a land that is surrounded by water and detached from land, but  Palm Jumeirah is connected to Dubai by a 1.4 km bridge.

It was made from millions of tons of rock and sand – Instead of concrete slabs, the foundations of The Palm were created from 7 million tons of rock and sand. Enough to form a 2m-wide wall that would circle the globe three times.

Palm Jumeirah is visible from space – It is the only man-made island in the world that is visible from space.

Satellites were used to plot the shape of the island.
To ensure that the island is in its required Palm shape, a private satellite and GPS (Global Positioning System) were used while pouring sand into the sea as the shape of the island is nearly curved everywhere and it required pinpoint accuracy to shape it. The satellite gave coordinates of the point where sand was to be put while the mobile receivers were used as a grid reference for the island. The dredgers would then fill the area of the sea which they were commanded by the satellite. Vibro-compaction technology was used for land reclamation.

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